Student renters should have insurance

August 17, 2009

Anne Peterson • August 8, 2009

Dear Anne: I have a 19-year-old daughter who will be moving into a rental house in Brockport with three other students while attending college.

Her furniture and household effects are primarily hand-me-downs, so not of great value.

Her computer, books and clothing would be costly to replace, but I assume that she will have some replacement coverage under my or her father’s household insurance policies.

I wonder if she needs any other coverage or whether the landlord’s insurance would cover someone who was injured while visiting or living in the house?

The tenants are responsible for shoveling the entrance walkway, which I noticed was quite icy when we did a walk-through last winter. The previous tenants also had shoes scattered all the way up the inside staircase — a real tripping hazard.

These things make me wonder about the students’ personal liability and whether they need liability insurance. If they do, how much insurance is reasonable?

In the past you have written about the pitfalls of students renting. Since many kids start school in August, it would be great if you could do a column on college rentals. Thanks. — N.M.

Answer: To be sure I got this one right, I consulted Jason Juliano of The Juliano Agency. Jason says: “Under a homeowner’s policy, if a named insured’s children reside in a dormitory on a college campus, the homeowner’s policy does extend to cover the student’s personal property.

“If, however, as this situation suggests — the student is renting an apartment off campus: A homeowner’s policy offers no coverage and renters insurance should be obtained for liability and contents coverage.”

Your best source of information regarding how much insurance is reasonable is an insurance agent.

I’m taking your excellent suggestion and answering more questions on the student rental issues right here.

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