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One insurance plan may not be enough. Any one type of insurance cannot provide for or protect from every eventuality. That is why umbrella policies are necessary. They cover the gaps left by any other insurance policy and offer even more advanced protection. Do you need an umbrella insurance policy to help cover any gaps in your other protections? Meeting with an insurance agent is the best way to know whether or not your current insurance plans offer you the protection that you need, or if you are vulnerable to liability lawsuits that car, home, or boat insurance cannot or will not cover.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a category of policies designed to help protect an individual from liability lawsuits, brought by individuals who may have been injured or otherwise sustained damage on your property. These cases might be brought with or without cause, and even if you did not commit the damage the individual says that you did, you may still be held liable.

Umbrella insurance pays for defense costs, whether or not the infringement actually happened. These defense costs, even if you are found to not be liable for the damages, can be far more than homeowners, auto, boat, etc. insurance can cover. This is what an umbrella policy is for—to supplement your other policies and ensure that you have enough coverage for every eventuality.

Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

How do you know if you need umbrella insurance? Some people believe that they will never be faced with a liability law suit. However, all it takes is for once person to slip and fall on your boat or to hurt their wrist in your car for you to be slapped with a negligence suit. Anyone who is in danger of losing all of their hard-earned income and assets if a lawsuit were to be filed should have umbrella insurance.

Though it provides a great deal of service, umbrella insurance policies are available at a low cost. You can easily and inexpensively supplement your other policies. And when it comes to lawsuits, there is no such thing as too much insurance.

Why Work with the Michael Piggot Agency?

Working with the Michael Piggot Agency allows you access to the best insurance agents in the Bensalem area. We are ready to find you the very best umbrella insurance policy.

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