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Professional liability insurance, often called errors and omissions insurance or E&O policies, is a type of insurance for most types of businesses. Any business that offers a personal or professional service should have professional liability, as it protects specifically against negligence suits, which can arise even if you or your company have done nothing wrong.

While most businesses believe that they do not need professional liability insurance unless they offer advice or a specific product to their clients or customers, almost every business, especially small businesses, can benefit from this kind of insurance. Specifically, hair dressers, personal trainers, counselors, travel agents, anyone involved in IT consulting, those who consult with businesses, real estate agents, photographers, etc. can benefit from this kind of coverage. In some industries, clients or customers may require you to have this type of insurance before they are willing to business with your company.

What Does Professional Liability Do?

In short, it protects your business from any liability suits that may arise, whether or not they are warranted. Professional liability insurance covers any mistakes or bad advice that your company might give a customer or client as part of a service you are rendering. Some mistakes are unavoidable and you might not even realize you have made one until you are slapped with a negligence suit. Even one off-hand remark or a piece of a contract that is incorrectly worded can land you in hot water, if you do not have professional liability insurance.

These policies will provide for your defense in these cases, whether or not you actually were negligent. Paying for a single court case can bankrupt a small company and do serious damage to a small one. Professional liability insurance means that your company does not have to pay for its own defense, whether or not the case itself is grounded.

Many policies can even protect you for past work, done before the policy is implemented. This date will be discussed with your Michael Piggot Agency agent, to ensure that you are protected, even if the mistake is long in the past.

Why Work with the Michael Piggot Agency?

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