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If you own a recreational vehicle, one of the best way to protect it is with RV insurance. An RV policy protects you and the RV from damage and liability. Unlike a car or truck, a RV has a special and specific purpose and therefore needs insurance that specifically covers those purposes. Many policies will cover just about any kind of recreational vehicle, while others are more strictly tailored to a certain kind of RV, whether it be a travel trailer or a motorized RV. Recreational vehicle insurance may also extend beyond traditional RVs, to four wheelers, boats, specialty cars, dirt bikes, etc., as needed.

Why Do I Need Recreational Vehicle Insurance?

Recreational vehicle insurance is necessary because all recreational vehicles are investments, and just like any investment, you will want to protect it. Some of the most common kinds of coverage include vacation liability, emergency expense, and fell timer’s insurance policies. In short, this kind of insurance protects you, the vehicle, and any valuables inside the vehicle while you are on a trip. It will even protect your passengers, even if they are not part of your immediate family.

Because there are so many different kinds of recreational vehicles, there are lots of different kinds of recreational vehicle insurance. This allows those who live in their motor home full time to have the coverage they need, and those who only use their pop-up camper on Labor Day weekend to have the kind of coverage that they need. Many insurance providers will allow you to build a coverage from scratch so you are covered for your specific kind of vehicle and what you use it for.

Why Work with the Michael Piggot Agency?

Recreational vehicles are all about having fun. Cars and trucks can be fun to drive, but they usually have a more utilitarian purpose. Recreational vehicles, on the other hand, are intended to enrich and improve your lifestyle. When you are on the road, enjoying your vehicle, you still want to be protected. You do not want to have to worry about who will pay for replacements if something is stolen from your motor coach or for an accident. This is where insurance can give you peace of mind.

Here at the Michael Piggot Agency, we endeavor to provide the best insurance policies at a great price to our clients. Call today to get your policy started or for a no-obligation free quote!

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