Car Insurance Advice for New Drivers

September 17, 2009

According to the NHTSA, automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15-20.

Posted: 6:35 AM Sep 17, 2009
Reporter: Article Courtesy: Associated Content

People between the ages of 16-19 have the highest crash rate, and their crash involvement per mile driven is four times that of older drivers.

With all these mind-blowing
statistics, it’s no surprise that car insurance for new drivers is expensive.

New drivers that need auto insurance and parents of teen drivers need to understand that auto insurance for new drivers is expensive. Here are 10 ways to minimize the cost of car insurance for new drivers.

Auto Insurance Tips for New Drivers #1

Auto insurance for new drivers can be reduced in cost by taking drivers’ education course. New drivers can get car insurance discounts for successfully completing various drivers’ education courses.

Auto Insurance Tips for New Drivers #2

Car insurance rates are higher on sportier cars and trucks. If you are a new driver that is concerned with your auto insurance premiums, choose a four door sedan that is a couple of years older.

Auto Insurance Tips for New Drivers #3

If a new driver gets a ticket that can be erased from their record by attending traffic school: ATTEND TRAFFIC SCHOOL. Nothing will increase a new driver’s auto insurance rates more than a ticket.

Auto Insurance Tips for New Drivers #4

Teen drivers can qualify for good student discounts through various insurance companies. Check with your insurance agent to see if a new driver in your household qualifies for this discount. If new driver discounts include student discounts, make sure that the student keeps their grades up to keep the discount active.

Auto Insurance Tips for New Drivers #5

Choose a car that has airbags and an anti-theft system. Safety features offer discounts, and auto insurance discounts are much needed to lower the cost of new driver insurance.

Auto Insurance Tips for New Drivers #6

Approximately 27% of teen driving deaths occurred between the hours of 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. New drivers need to drive at night only when absolutely necessary. This auto insurance tip for new drivers could save some money of car insurance premiums because it could decrease the risk of getting into an accident.

Auto Insurance Tips for New Drivers #7

Turn the cell phone off while driving. New drivers need to pay attention to driving. Not paying attention is how accidents occur. Once a new driver causes an accident, their insurance premiums could become unaffordable.

Auto Insurance Tips for New Drivers #8

New drivers should only allow one person to ride with them. This could lower insurance premiums by making the driver concentrate on driving. Once a driver has a couple of years experience, allowing more people to ride in the car with them won’t be as risky.

Auto Insurance Tips for New Drivers #9

Do not speed. No matter how late you are to an appointment or how tempting it is do not speed. Getting a speeding ticket will wreak havoc on new driver car insurance rates. In addition, speed played a factor in 1/3 of the fatal new driver car accidents. Stay alive and keep your insurance premiums down by obeying posted speed limits.

Auto Insurance Tips for New Drivers #10

Don’t drink and drive. New drivers who get a DUI or DWI will most likely lose their car insurance. Those that don’t lose their car insurance will have to pay new driver auto insurance premiums that are through the roof. In addition, drinking and driving leads to the loss of innocent lives. New drivers need to take their responsibility seriously and not drink and drive.

New drivers are understandably excited about their first set of wheels. New driver car insurance rates are among the highest auto insurance premiums charged. New drivers can practice safe driving and make wise decisions in order to reduce their new driver car insurance premiums.

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